Renderer mismatch

When I move patches between PC’s, one with radion the other nvidia, the renderer always keeps the driver of the card it was patched with, which is fair enough. Problem is that unles I delete the renderer and make a new one the performance is bad, simply selecting the right adapter doesnt always work. The original always remains an option too…


will be much better in the next version. in fact we are working more or less only on this feature for some time now.

I notice a few new things, vm9 video texture, which seems smoother, will investigate further!
But also the renderer isnt going fullscreen properly, Ive had a couple of variations, one a band across the bottom 1/6 of the screen or so, of nothing or garbled texture, the other when fullscreen some quads with movies, they got put into the top right quarter of the screen, black everywhere else. Could be my drivers? Got the latest nvidia on a 5700.


concerningn the fullscreenproblems try what i have described here: