Renderer middle clik

Hi when creating a renderer via middle click and then alt+ 2 the renderer goes to the left up corner.

so quad and in the output pin middle click

Same here, if I make a renderer with middle mouse click, and press ALT2, the render goes to top left corner of the patch. If I make the renderer the old school way and press ALT2, the renderer docks like it should.

If I try to create a Renderer with middle click it opens the node reference page in my browser.

@Lightmare, make a quad, middle click the output, you get a group, already connected, middle click that output and you get a renderer. Very fast way to test something very fast.

Ah thanks, this top-left behaviour happens here too.

Well… this isn’t/wasn’t just the renderer. Wanted to alt+2 a subPatch, bang, topleft corner.

purf. is this really related to the initial thread-topic? (which is already fixed). if not please start a new thread, else explain what you did exactly.