Renderer Full Screen Size - Extended desktop

Hi All,

I am trying to solve a multiscreen screening from one computer using a Matrox triplehead and an extended desktop setting for the display to get 4 HD screen size.

I do not have the screens, nor the Matrox with me, but I need to send the people who will install the video a patch that they can open and just browse the video file (7680x1080 or 3840x1080)and play it, something easy.

My peoblem is that I do not have a desktop display size according with what I need, in the Herr Inspektor the renderer full screen dimensions just allow me to change it to maximum 1366x768 that is my lap’s screen size…so I cannot make such a patch.

Any suggestions? Any idea to solve it in a different way will be appreciated also.

I am new on vvvv, I was looking at the multiscreen node but I am not quite sure how to make the connection between logical and hardware.

I read that the fullscreen dimension are preset as “AsDesktop” but in my case they are “1024x768” and my desktop is 1366x768, so, I do not know how the renderer detects the actual desktop size and so of a extended desktop as the Matrox allows…

Hope to be clear.

Thanks for reading and for assistance!



Hmm… I would borrow a matrox and build the patch yourself identical to how they will need it. Save it when fullscreen on your main monitor I guess… It’s a little hard to save it where they can open it and it will work with their hardware… maybe you can look into editing the XML?

Thanks for reply!

When you say editing the xml…you mean?

Hola Miguel , editing the xml means open the patch with the text editor or better with xml maker for example there you will find that renderer can be in fullscreen , inwindow etc if you change with the correct grammar you will change the patch so next time you open it will have the changes on .


try SetRes, which basically edits the xml within vvvv.

SetRes should become a contribution

As Desktop Size would be one of b27 new features.
The main problem with such setup that videotextures and DX9 textures won’t work so be careful…

i wast able to set a render to the resolution i want if the render window its not placed on that desktop
so i think that the people that you will be sending the patch will need to dragg the patch to the matrox area and after that use the inspector to bring it to 3840x1080