What would be really cool would to be able to stream the render window output of vvvv to a video vjing app, like resolume. I am guessing this can most easily be done with a FreeFrame plugin (not the effect, but the source version, like the Whorld one recently released). Rather than rendering to a DX9 or GDI renderer, you could choose renderer(FreeFrame). This would then send the render to a special FreeFrame plugin (called FreeFrame vvvv or something). You would then load FreeFrame vvvv as a source plugin in your vj app, like Resolume, allowing you to mix between vvvv and other video files etc. It would be even cooler if you could send multiple render outputs to multiple instances of the FreeFrame vvvv source plugin.

Now this might already be possible with a FreeFrame plugin I came across a while ago, called Patchbox I think. Hell, it might even be possible with vvvv now, but I’ve only been using it for a day, so haven’t learnt much about it yet.

Anyway, what do you think. Is this in anyway possible?

this is already possible with the Ex9 Texture + the AsVideo node.
note that it will usually lead to disasterous performance. this is due to the way graphic cards work these days. data can go with very high speed to graphic cards, but data will come back from graphic cards VERY slowly.

as we understood the need for doing things like this, we implemented pixel shaders. this is your built in high performance videomixer where all the stuff you are rendering goes through. actually it needs to go through this. so you can tweak every color, blend every renderer, do effects, anything, with all your renderings without affecting your CPU at all.

if you want to combine different programs, the fastest way of doing this like this would be using the svideo output of your pc and going into a second one which processes the video further. or go for this :)

Or patch box into vvvv via freeframe, and mix in vvvv

@oschatz: u know, how much the new edirol costs, right? ;) not for really low budgets…