Renderer (Flash): how to stop looping?

Hi there,

I´m trying to stop my Flash animation at the last frame. As a standalone file, the swf stops at the last frame, but in vvvv it loops the whole time.

I tried:

  • set start and stop frame to 1 and 115 (my last frame) in the Renderer (Flash)
  • set seek frame to 115. Here the movie stops, but is blinking and the actions are disabled (drag&drop of some elements)
  • I tried several different output settings at Adobe Flash, e.g. Flash Version 8,9,10,12; AS2, AS3)

In the .fla, the last frame is stopped with a stop(); at every layer.

nothing help.
Any ideas?

I’ve done bits with flash and vvvv and because of issues like this I always work with the root timeline in flash as a single frame. Then inside that you can have movieclips with timeline animation and actions.

if you’re still having issue post your vvvv patch, swf and fla and I’ll have a look.

I think, i found it. I just built a trigger-node with a countdown-node to start and stop the flash animation at the last frame.
Now it works.