Renderer DX11 hidden if it saved in Fullscreen

Renderer DX11 hidden if patch saved in Fullscreen.
Can we find the source of that crap PLS ;]
I don’t wanna point fingers but it’s more likely vvvv problem then dx11

test.v4p (920 Bytes)

+1 …my workaround to save a patch in fullscreen is: connect an OnOpen -> Monoflop (inverse output) to the Renderer Fullscreen Pin. when the window goes fullscreen a second after the patch loads everything works.

Narrowed the problem, calling :

hde.SetComponentMode(n2, ComponentMode.Fullscreen);

While a node is already in fullscreen switches it to either hidden/windowed mode, whereas it should do nothing in that case.

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should work in upcoming alpha

so wonderful news ;]