Renderer - DeviceChanged pin

i wish for an output pin on the dx renderer which bangs once the device is changed (e.g. moving to another display).
due to all the manual evaluation of subpatches, a notification to be able to recreate resources would come handy.

tried with IDXDeviceService, but didn’t succeed in matching the device to its INode2 host…

bump… no text …

i remeber that i used device(auto) - adapter string for that (which should switch from 0 to 1 if you move your window to another screen) but it seems that it doesnt work anymore with current beta (29.1 works fine)

good hint.
maybe it doesn’t work anymore due to dx9ex.

anyways, not really applicable when having multiple renderers

of course it would be better to have an adapter output pin directly at the renderer - should be not that hard to implement for dx11. Due to device creation using slimdx ( it should be possible to create such pin - but it has to be done within vuxens feral tic core…