Rendered texture wrong scale at patch start



Basically the title, I have a subpatch ( is that the correct word?) that generates a texture and is grouped in the final render. When I open the main patch the texture has funky scale values. If I open the subpatch and enable the renderer the problem is fixed. Is there any way to automate / fix this ?

Are you using DX9? If so you have to set Backbuffer Width and Height:

I’m using Dx11


when I rightclick the litte rectangle on the renderer the problem is fixed. when I leave that render window open and restart the patch it also works but I feel like that isnt the way to do it :]


I just noticed that the backbuffer size starts at 150 and changes when I open the render window - is there any way to set that before it opens ?

Why disable it?
If you only need the texture, use Renderer (DX11 TempTarget).

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Right, that fixed it! - I didnt know about the temptarget renderer :]

I figured it would be harder on the gpu to render 2 windows thats why I disabled it, it was still giving the animated textures so I figured that was the way to go :]

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