Render To Second Monitor

Another very new user question:
How do I get the image from a render node to go full screen on a second monitor which would show up on the projector while being able to keep the patch open and work on it on my main screen?

Thanks again

i don’t think i entirely unterstand your question, but maybe have a look at the dx9texture node you can connect to a renderer (dx).

Let me put it differently and I am sorry; i’m truly new at this. I understand that (alt + enter) is the command to send the image to full screen. The problem is that it overtakes my main screen when what I want is it to go full screen on a second monitor (which feeds the projector) leaving VVVV patch screen fully viewable on my laptop as it would be prior to giving the full screen command. Does that clarify?

it depends on where the window of the renderer is positioned. if more than half of it is on the second output, it will go fullscreen there.

you might want to Window (Windows) or the slightly old SetRenderer Module to position it automatically while going fullscreen.

Will do. Appreciate the help!