Render to Network

I’m working on Computer Vision project in my university, and I’ve been lookin for program, that
could render some 3D scene to the jpeg sequence and send these jpeg-frames by network to other
program in real-time (on the fly).

Formerly we create 3D-scene in 3DS Max, render it to jpeg files, and then send it to other program by network. But now, I want to do the same, but in real-time.

Could VVVV help me ?

Thank you.


have a look at

  • DX9Texture - to get the rendering into a texture,
  • AsString (EX9.Texture) - to get a jpg string representation
  • UDP (Client) - to send the jpg over the network

if you’re client computer is running vvvv then look at ‘boygrouping’ which lets you link vvvv clients together effectively.
You could choose either to send the images over the boygroup network as a texture, or have the client nodes render the scene in sync with the master

Thank you all!

gregsn, I’ve try DX9Texture -> AsString -> UDP . It works. But it is very slow. In fact it seems that vvvv’s gui is frozen at the moment when AsString reads and converts a texture to string.

I attach the sample patch I’m working on. Could you say, how I should optimize patch to get more smooth motion. In future I need to make changes in this patch in realtime (and so I need to work with vvvv’s gui parallel with image sending to network).

sugokuGENKI, my client computer works under Linux, so afaik I can’t use vvvv on the client side.

callmenames.v4p (12.8 kB)

I can’t overcome the slowness of AsString patch. Could somebody advise more quick converter ? I’m looking for something like binary converter, but unsuccessful.

Thank you