Render State Stack should now have a size of 0 (crush)

What’s happening?

I’ve been working on this patch a long time and at least two hours without major (or maybe any) changes and suddenly videodriver began to behave bad. vvvv-33.1.64

Most times it should be harmless (a few times it’s not, but only when patching).

It’s been fixed in latest git build, so next release this will not appear again (or only one frame in worst case).

O,great! In this case I can’t get rid of it for now - patch is working for few minutes and crashes always in short time!

So it’s version control’s time then;)

nope, all resent versions of this patch have this, any idea how I can fix it within the patch? I’ve erased all renderers and disabled all shaders, but it doesn’t help(

Well, resuming this monologue - I’ve found the problem spot, I wasn’t one of my crazystupid shaders - it’s dynamic texture dx11 node with fft connected, both regular and “color” are producing same result - once per minute black squares glitch appearing all over the renderer.

I have found another cause of this, which was producing all sorts of mayhem, like alphas being applied in one renderer but not another, and blended quads going black only if they weren’t stacked over others, etc. etc.

The culprit was a FileTexture (DX11 2d) node that had a file specified that did not exist. Apparently the non-texture it was outputting as a result when applied to a quad screws up the blending in the render.

So check your FileTextures too! Sounds like DX11 needs to handle absent textures a little more gracefully and/or throw a better error message.

Issue of nil texture on quad node already been fixed in git

Most excellent, thanks vux!

I’m having a strange behaviour with Render State Stack here, too. I’m working on a non-DirectX11-Graphics card at the moment (old Intel HD with DX10.1) and found out that FileTexture (DX11) is not loading a single Filename.

When inserting a spread, filetexture loads the image and I can use it in the DX11-Renderer!