Render node - fade

hi guys,

ive seen some images on the site of experiments with the render node - im trying to get a nice fade on my animations but the render node would appear to work as on or off - could someone point me in the right direction of setting it up so i get a trail on my animations.

Sorry if this is really obvious im still learning…


if u want fades, use quads instead

fade.v4p (5.3 kB)

cheers of the quick reply
maybe i didnt explain my self very well - i mean a type of trail on my anims - a bit like the clean_exp pics which onoxo did - maybe im getting the wrong idea about how this was made - i presumed there was some transfromation going on and the render node was set so it could produce trails of the animated paths.

am i getting this right?


ah i get u now…

turn off the clear pin on the renderer and add a black quad in front of all objects. use transparency of the black quad to adjust the trail lenght. the idea is that every frame, all pixels are darkend by the black quad depending on its transparency.

therefore the afterimages drawn at the background get darker depending on their ‘age’ hence u have some sort of trail. does this make sense?

i think tonfilm has something similar in his patch collection but try to patch it urself first ;)

excellent! - thanks for the help u7angel…

sample patch for a fader effect.

thx tonfilm, changed the order

faderExample.v4p (7.8 kB)

you have to switch the draw order on the group node, otherwise you will draw the quad over the current frame which will darken the colors…