Render cube map? (reflect dynamic environment)

Is there a way to build dynamic cube map in vvvv. The idea is to reflect environment. How I did this in XNA: I render scene to textures in 6 directions and then create cube map. Map could be sampled in shader in 3D then.

I’m not sure that cube map could be rendered in vvvv.

It would be nice if node could be built for joining textures into cube map.

If I could somehow input dx texture from vvvv into .net node. Then it might be possible to create cube map in SlimDX…

Is there a way to find texture type GUID, so I could create pin connection to my node. Get device texture pointer from it and create cube map.
SlimDX has different object type for cube texture, that might be a problem.

It might be time to create new XNA or SlimDX based rendering system that uses DirectX 10 or 11. Not that DX9 is bad, but this could be extended using .NET and plugins then…

Not sure about the .NET stuff, but for dynamic cubemap demo check out ‘Kubus’ patch in the girlpower folder.

checkout girlpower\kubus.v4p

great, thanks…