Render bug

hey guys. i started a thread about this in the patching forum a while back. i’m thinking it might be a bug.

so, i modified the unscharf patch in the girlpower folder (see attached). the patch runs smoothly until i hit ‘record/dosave’. as soon as i ‘dosave’, my cpu immediately hits 100percent.

here is what the Render TTY is telling me:

Everything you know is wrong
physical : in use= 41, total = 1047932 kb, avail = 608244 kb
virtual : in use= 2, total = 2097024 kb, avail = 2049496 kb
paging : in use= 14, total = 2519480 kb, avail = 2164208 kb

00:00:00 - : enumerating game devices
00:00:00 * : patch C:\Documents and Settings\JARED\Desktop\vvvv_33beta14\modules\Writer (EX9.Texture NRT).v4p has been marked as changed because of convertions (from to 33beta14). you will be asked for OVERWRITING your patch with the updated version…
00:00:01 - : Texture (Width: 1, Height: 1, Format: X8R8G8B8, Mip Map Count: 1) loaded in 0.000 seconds.
00:00:01 - : a resource loaded in 0.000 seconds.
00:00:01 * : couldn’t find/create node (ID: 1) in patch root.v4p ////. deleting action.
00:00:01 - : Hid (Human Interface Devices) DeviceController - OnDeviceChange
00:00:01 - : Texture (Width: 205, Height: 195, Format: X8R8G8B8, Mip Map Count: 1) loaded in 0.000 seconds.
00:00:01 * : Texture C:\Documents and Settings\JARED\Desktop\alakart~2 patches\my unscharf detector\ couldn’t be created because of unknown reasons.

any help would be greatly appreciated!

my_version_of_unscharf_2.v4p (15.0 kB)

are there any known bugs with EX9 Texture NRT?


what do you expect the writer to do? it is a NON Realtime writer, which saves every single vvvv frame as a file. lets say your system needs one second to save the texture on the harddrive, vvvv will then run with 1 fps. that is what the writer NRT is for.
you should use the writer NRT whenever you want to capture an animation in highres.

hey david, thanks for the reply. ya, i know that it is non-realitime. i’m using virtual dub to sequence the resulting images. though the resulting images, once sequenced, are ‘stuttery’ due to the cpu spiking when rendering the frames.

the frames flow smoothly in the patch, until i ‘dosave’. once i hit ‘dosave’ my cpu spikes to 100%.


CPU can be at 100% but if mainloop is set to increment(?) it will render every frame, the mainloop should be in the writer(NRT) patch, but maybe there is another instance that is taking priority?