Renaming a patch in explorer makes it blank on opening

Hi Devvvvs

When updating the CheckInstallation patch I discovered that if I rename the .v4p file it would open blank.

Upon examining the XML I noticed that the absolute path to the file on my system is in the XML file, is that on purpose? should it be like that?

it is here:

<PATCH nodename="C:\documents\My Dropbox\Public\CheckInstallation (VVVV)_0.v4p" systemname="CheckInstallation (VVVV)" filename="C:\documents\My Dropbox\Public\CheckInstallation (VVVV)_0.v4p">

The attached file will not open on my system.


CheckInstallation (VVVV).v4p (11.3 kB)

can you cross check if its not that issue:

I am not sure, it seems like it is somehow related, if I copy paste the patch and rename to “CheckInstallation (VVVV)_0.v4p” or “CheckInstallation.v4p” or “CheckInstallation (VVVV) - Copy.v4p” or “CheckInstallation ().v4p” the patch work fine.

To me it seems to be the same bug, perhaps with the added feature of adding characters after the parenthesis will also make the patch work.