Removing repeated values - Fiducial Tracker


I am having difficulty in solving a problem on a project.
I recognize some fiducials and passing on your ID for variables in flash.
But when I topped a marker, another value is assigned to variable as can be seen in Flash Renderer.

How could pass only values ​​that are being seen?

Would be more helpful if you posted your patch, because there are some "maybe you did this"in my head I can’t check.

But for now, I think you the trouble is, that vvvv is repeating values from the fiducial spread (5 slices) to make the spread the same slice count as the one with the FLASH variables (6 slices). That is why 16 is repeated in your flash (like I explained here:

I thought there was a node for this, but here is a solution.

ResampleAbit.v4p (8.6 kB)