Removing last Slice

Hello, how can I delete the last slice of a spread piece by piece in gamma until it is empty?

Make an operation that:

  1. reverses the spread,
  2. removes the first slice and
  3. reverses the spread again.

Then call that operation with an If-region everytime you want to remove the last slice and store it back into the pad where the spread is coming from.

that would be a waste of performance. reversing a spread is a very expensive operation.

Use RemoveAt with Count-1

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Yeah, you are totally right, thanks.

unfortunately does not work, where is the problem

Last_Slice.vl (5.6 KB)

count-1 meant to calculate the index of the last element and remove at that index, like that:


to remove items one by one i would store them in a pad and remove frome there, like this:


Last_Slice2.vl (9.2 KB)

Hello, thanks first of all for the help patch, works very well.

One more detailed question, how can I delete all slices at once? I tried a toggle on the apply input, but then the node turns purple, which doesn’t seem right to me.

Then I found the RemoveAll node, but I can’t get it connected properly.

That is called Clear.

And how about SplitLast node?)


cool, thanks