RemoveSlice node?

Hi everybody,

Is there a simple way to remove slice from a spread.

Like the GetSlice, where we specify an indice and a binsize ? It could be call RemoveSlice…

Thanks for you help

just a quick hack. may not work under all circumstances.

RemoveSlice (String).v4p (10.0 kB)

that node is definitely missing!

Thanks a lot bjoern, it’s works for my needs.

I made a small patch too yesterday but It didn’t work with binsize so you help me a lot !

+1 for tonfilm

makes a nice usecase for generic plugins (2.9 kB)

Thanks Woie it’s seems great ! But how do you install it? I copy the folder in vvvv plugin directory but I cant make it works…

nice one - now i see how those generics work (in a simple usecase).


thanks woei, with your permission i will add this node to the vvvv core nodes, as it seems to be quite essential.

do as you wish. you probably need to check the code first. sorting the indices decending before removing the slice from the spread was just a quick hack to not having the slices move around in one remove operation

@rogerlette: you shouldn’t change vvvv’s application folder. instead hit Alt-R to show the root. There you find information how to use contributions properly.
further info at Root & NodeList (VVVV)

Thanks Gresgsn It’s kind of things I had never understand and it’s clear now!

Tonfilm helped me on skype two days ago so I already makes that node works, but it’s good to learn details.

dear devs FYI: still not in pack

@DiMiX: in core as DeleteSlice (Spreads)

thanks. i see.