Remote PAN/TILT/ZOOM camera

anything have idea about commercial camera with pan/tilt/zoom controllable by v4???
I want to control a camera at 60meters of distance.

If there’s not the allione commercial camera with this specification the idea is control the moviment by an arduino/ phidget etc…but…
which camera, and with which type of connection, for to 60meters streaming?


an example of effect

you could just buy one like the model used in the video, I am quite certain that it would be relatively simple to control from vvvv without any hardware hacking at all I think it is this camera

Have a look at Axis Cameras. They do have WDM Drivers, and you can connect and Power them via Ethernet.

What is the price of Axis?

@aelfwine The m1124 I’m using is about 370€… but it’s static. Have a look at their website, they do have models that can move and zoom. They have a shop at amazon, where you can look up the price.

Just found this here… might be a lot Cheaper:**_tilt_system.html#.VljEj_kveUk