Remote pair/group programming(patching)

It would be really nice if remote pair programming capabilities could be added to vvvv.

Basically voice chat plus being able to work on the same patch over network. (probably best with only one person in control at the same time)

Might even be possible in some round-about hacky way using skype and network nodes with getpatch/setpatch?

Naive dream or not? If it can be done it’d be a great way to learn or boost productivity through collaboration.

not really a reply to your request. but could you please consider picking another nick?!

So what I didn’t really think about last night is that unlike your traditional textual programming IDE the program you’re editing is running all the time which probably makes it a painful task to try to make sure that the whole node graph (I might be misusing terms) in sync for different users even if only one i allowed editing power at a time :/

I guess my own conclusion is that the feature isn’t something that makes sense to attempt adding from a effort vs. benefit perspective.

bjoern: I’ll consider it if other users start to mix us up

bjoern: I’ll consider it if other users start to mix us up

I dont’ want to throw a flame there but i did when i first read the post.

i also thought it was bjoern.
bjoern is one of the developers of vvvv.
changing your nick would be a very kind action of yours in e.g. bjornG or however.

on the other hand i am glad that there is no other “kalle”…

Doesn’t seem to be possible to change the nick from preferences - is the only option to create a new user and leave the old one to clutter up the user page?

Maybe ask @david to do that.
I’m sure he can do smth for you ;)
You can request in the shoutbox.

Well, I could change your username.
Just drop me a line.
schwarzer at meso dot net

how about bjern? :)

what a trouble. i am glad that bjoern is changing bjorns nik to maybe bjern. if i can do anything about this. let me know. but i dont want to pick a name… ;-)

Consering the pair programming: I really like the idea and since vvvv uses XML messages to handle internal patching events anyway… it needs some more detailed thoughts and time and it might be a good subject to put on “thinkaboutit list”… maybe start a wikipage with more detailed thoughts!

PS: by writing that post i thought maybe B-Jorn would be a good choice…