Remote crack.exe commands pstools ssh

Hello guys,I would like to find a cool way of sending commands to remote computers,
for example i would like to send the commands that are behind the crack.exe so i can remotly activate vvvv new versions on machines.I guess this can be achive via pstools but do not know which commands to send or ssh.
I always wanted to know more of how to use the ssh node for this purposes, which server or clients ssh apps you recommend to install ?.

hei color,

not sure what you mean with “commands that are behind the crack.exe so i can remotly activate vvvv new versions on machines”…

stuff is registered to vvvv\lib so if this directory stays the same and you only overwrite the content with a new version you don’t need to re-crack.

and even if you change to a new dir (as long as the old dir is still present) you only need to re-crack if you want the .v4p-doubleclick association to go to the new dir. (which usually isn’t too important on remote pcs where you can start vvvv via batch file pointing to the right executable).

Hi joreg thanks for reply,days ago i update version and vvvv will not open anymore in clients unless i do the crack.exe manually and unregister and click boxes again. so when open crack exe everything seem fine and boxes clicked but somehow they are not so unregister and click on them again to make it work.

so i thouhgt that for this ocasion best will be to be able to send the register commands remotely. I think old version were in the machines,and what about if no verion at all before and you put a complete new ,will it be poisble to do the registering with pstools for example?

usually you’d have an already cracked vvvv on each pc via disk images you apply to each client. if there was no previous cracked vvvv you can run
crack.exe /silent
via pstools and if there is no error (ie. dx and dotnet installed and it was able to register addflow and dshowfilters) it will not popup the gui.

hope that helps.

Hello , somehow i did not see last respond thanks , so i have just tested the crack.exe \silent ,Yes it works when you have not applied crack at all in the system as you mention or when you have unregister manually. My matter is that i have diferent folders projects with diferent v4 version. And even the crack.exe shows all green and ticked but it will not open v4 unless i manually unregister all ticks and tick back or use crack.exe silent.
is there anyway or command for crack.exe to unregister all so i can execute later the silent command and register back?

hei color,

strange, that you need this re-registration but here you go. latest alpha comes with
commandline option for the crack.exe. it is also silent. so you could first run
crack.exe /unregister
crack.exe /silent
and that should do for you!?

yes thanks a lot ;D i think this will do the job