Remote controller



I’m looking for a remote controller to trigger stuff while I’m performing on stage (kind of dancing).
essentially I need some buttons, but more advanced features (like joystick or touch surface) would be welcome.
Initially I was considering a simple wireless mouse, but since I’m moving a lot on the stage I’d like to have something easier to hold in the hand.
Any advice for an high quality wireless mouse-controller for Windows? (vvvv/vl ready)

It looks like the VR world seems to offer hand controllers that fit perfectly my needs in terms of user experience.
random example

I can’t set up a Vive-Oculus setup on stage this time.
do you have suggestions regarding similar (good quality) controllers that work as mouse in Windows?
I’m interested in both tracked and not-tracked controllers



Wireless Xbox controller maybe?


Wii Remote +?
Easy to use with one hand. Has buttons, a d-pad, accelerometer, gyro (and infrared sensor).


tnx guys

@sunep do is there a wireless Xbox controller that I can hold in one hand easily. I couldn’t find at first sight…

@bjoern it could be a good option! …and it comes with a vvvv plugin to fully control it! Do you have any experience with the “plus” extension? what kind of improvements does it give in terms of data? just more precise force and orientation?



Sorry haven’t used it myself. As far as I know the “normal” wiimote only has an accelerometer and it’s position in space is calculated using the sensorbar and the infrared sensor. Which of course only works when pointing the remote at the bar. The plus remote adds a gyro which allows to calculate the relative orientation/position in 3d space (without relying on the sensorbar).


You can’t reach all of them, but I guess you can reach around half of them with one hand


Anyone had successfully connected a wiimote to vvvv, on latest alpha/beta on windows 10?
just tried but doesn’t work (the plugin doesn’t find any), even if windows 10 Bluetooth panel says correctly paired.

does it require Bluesoleil bluetooth driver necessary?


No, I used the wiimote with other Bluetooth stacks as well. But then again, this was 2008+
There have been quite some iterations on the actual device since then.

About the wiimote plus: even though it was intended to provide a better positioning with the extension, it never really had that much impact, so don’t expect much but another set of raw (unfused) sensor data. while it was an extension before 2010 nintendo quickly moved the sensor into the actual wiimote by default.

if I remember correctly, those “newer” wiimotes had problems being used, while the older models worked perfectly, with a broad range of bluetooth stacks (including the default windows ones). In the contrib thread there might be an experimental alpha build supporting motion plus, but the actual node is running on wiimotelib v1.7 (i.e. no motion plus).

On that note: the vvvv plugin is based on a hack by Brian Peek, and popularized by Jonny Lee, and was never really intended to be used as a library and rather for experimentations. But since it worked back then, all was good. Nowadays, a quick google lists quite a few potential c# libraries for the same task, that are based on later WiiBrew dev. So that might be an option, if the addonpack node does not want to play nice.

Or simply use TouchOSC on your smartphone.


You can try this driver and see if it works with the gamecontroller- or hid-node.


have never tried this myself, but have heard it is good:

Twiddler - Your tiny keyboard-to-go

or, what about wearable controllers? gloves for music:

gamer glove:

sensestage - A Low Cost, Open Source Wireless Sensor Infrastructure for Live Performance and Interactive, Real-Time Environments

bebop sensors:


or, come commission a custom controller in our tailor shop for wearable technology!


Thanks so much for all your precious inputs guys.
Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to dedicate to sensor and controller research in this project…
…wearable would be cool tho…
I’ll give another try to wiimote and see where can I get, before thinking to option B.

thanks again


I use steam controller for that. in mp.essentials I have a node which works with its raw HID so you don’t even need steam running. However you need to run the controller config once to set it empty instead of the default mouse mode on desktop. It does have a nice help patch too ;)
I think it’s the most underrated controller out there for 50 bucks ;)


I second that. Steam Controller is pretty awesome


thanks microdee, it looks great indeed (!), but I need something that fits nicely in one hand, that I can easily hold during movements…