Remote control

i just bought a USB-infrared remote control from conrad electronics, pretty cheap thing. unfortunately it doesn’t work for me like i want it to, some app which comes with the device simulates key commands when i press the buttons of the remote control. this works well controlling winamp or whatever program u wish. just recognizing key commands in vvvv doesn’t work. my guess is that this key-app controls just windows while vvvv gets the keycommands from somewhere else. any suggestion to solve this problem? remote control or driver or a complete different solution for integrating some TV-like control device ?


have you tried Keyboard (System Global). actually this node should really capture all keystrokes that happen anywhere in the system…

i tried global and window. strange thing is i can write letters with the remote when creating a new node. i can even open the inspektor, just vvvv doesn’t see any keypresses inside, the node doesn’t react to anything.

i’m working on a pic controller based IR-remote combined with littleUSB now but this is far from convenient as this setup needs a special driver and additional serial communication needs to be programmed. i was hoping someone else already did something with off-the-shelf usb remotes :(

btw. the remote i’m using : conrad USB-IR-FERNBEDIENUNG 34 TASTEN
Artikel-Nr.: 954295 - 62

in additon: i just checked windows device manager and the remote only appears as USB-HID device, not as Mouse nor Keyboard. does this give a clue?

no clue…

but i remember there was the same issue once with a remote-control via bluetooth that also generated keystrokes that vvvv’s nodes didn’t recognize but you could use it to type in a patch…strange. and i have no idea where the problem could be situated.

there are news?

i`m also trying to remote via bluetooth-keystroke.
i can also type in a patch, but the keyboard-node give no parameters…