Relais on paralel port

i’m totaly new to vvvv and try to realize my first litlle “project” with this tool.

For now, it’s very hard for me to do something with the gui and the modules, so i hope you can help me a little bit:
I like to switch 2 Relais connected to the paralell port. I tried to make an Count or a timesignal which switchs Relais 1 5 times with 1min between every switch. The Relais 2 should be switched 5 times with 1min between every switch. Then Relais 1 …

I try to make it clearer what i mean: ;)

Relais 1 Switch - 1min Pause - Relais 1 Switch - 1min Pause - Relais 1 Switch - 1min Pause - Relais 1 Switch - 1min Pause - Relais 1 Switch - 1min Pause - then switch to Relais 2 and -
Relais 2 Switch - 1min Pause - Relais 2 Switch - 1min Pause - Relais 2 Switch - 1min Pause - Relais 2 Switch - 1min Pause - Relais 2 Switch - 1min Pause - then repeat and goto switch Relais (“endlessloop”)

I hope somebody can understand my very bad english description :)

what exactly is it that you ned to know?

  • How to connect the Relay to the LPT?
  • How to patch a patch that blinks an IOBox?
  • How to use the Port (Devices) node?

hi anonymous,
i’m not sure if i understand your circuit correctly. but maybe this patch approaches it.
good luck,

connect the minutes instead of the seconds

ToggleEachMinWith5MinPeriod.v4p (20.5 kB)

Thanks a lot!! It’s nearly what i needed:))) Now I just try to give the rekais just a short Impulse to switch, not an 1min long “on-signal”. If you have any hints for this i would be very happy:)

i think i need to know every of this points ;)
i build the relaiscar from this site:

this afternoon i will try too connect the relais with the paralellport and hopefully find a configuration that works;)

Is it right that i have to use the R232 node?? If yes, what do i have to configure to switch a relais that is connected to pin 1 of the port!?! As i can see, there are only configurations for the port (baud rate, bits, handshake…), so which kind of signal i have to send to the port?

Thank you very much for your help!!
I hope i will learn fast how to use vvvv, until now i just worked with tools like gephex which is very different…


hi mich.

for interfacing via the parallel port you use the node Port(Devices). you need to download the io.dll from geekhideout. place it in your system32 or in the bin-directory in your vvvv-dir.

have a look at this info from a previous post:

kalle is right. Port(Devices) is the node to go for.
unfortunately there is no how to parallel port so far. but on the web you will find plenty of documentation about parallel port interfacing. a few links can be found in HowTo Devices. actually interfacing the parallel port is quite simple. the parallel port has 3 ports:

  • data
  • status
  • control
    each 8 Bit; you must read / write to them individually. Port( Devices ) must be given the adress of the port you want to write to. to get this Look up MyComputer -> Hardware -> Device Manager -> select the parallel port -> Properties -> Ressources. there you will find something like
  • 3BC or
  • 378 or
  • 278
    these are the common adresses used for parallel ports.

you have the feed the port-node with a decimal number, so have to translate it from hex.

the parallel port has a data-port, status-port and control-port. see the link below for details or follow the appropiate links here: Electronics Links. consider: some of the pins are for output / some are for input (write / read). carefully design your interface!

and: be sure about the adresses of the ports. writing to the “wrong” port may make your system crash.

for a detailed description of the parallel port see : Introduction To Paralel Ports on beyond logic. that should provide you with all the information you need.

“Now I just try to give the rekais just a short Impulse to switch”
just remove the Toggle-Node after the Change (which is connected to the minutes). that should do it.

good luck,