Reducing Sensitivity of Arduino Analog Input

I currently am using an Arduino analog input to send data from potentiometers into VVVV, but my difficulty is that quite often the pots will be sitting at an in-between position which means that while the pot is stationary the data being input is fluctuating between two consecutive values. This is causing a few little issues, one being that this data is then being forwarded to Ableton and when I am mapping the pots to different functions pots thats I am not using currently are fluctuating and thus sending data which then confuses the mapping.

Also, in the future, I would like to be able to scroll through presets that I have made and what I would like is for there to be a spread of data which defines the initial settings of the preset, and then only when I change a pot will it change the corresponding initial settings. But if the data is fluctuating as stated above between the two values then this causes the initial settings to change unintentionally to whatever the setting the pot is at.

My question is, how can I decrease sensitivity to change in this case? Is it possible to make it so that change by a single digit like this does not trigger a change in something like a “Change” node but that changes greater than that do? I divided the outputs by 10 to reduce the sensitivity but this still led to the same issue when the pots were sitting at a value between say 95.9 and 96, and thus the data they would be sending would be the same type of fluctuation between 95 & 96. This is also less than optimal because it is reducing the accuracy of the pot from between 0 and 1023 to 0 and 102… anyway, any suggestions?

The only option I can think of is something janky using a timer that compares the output every 0.x seconds and switches the input to the pot value rather than the preset value if the difference is greater than 2. I am going to implement this currently, but was just hoping there might be a simpler way through a pre-existing node

Worked it out :p

Hey grey.phoenix
If you’re trying to get rid of noise, take a look at OneEuroFilter and its Help patch.
Also the node called Frac, in different cases help to avoid tiny changes!

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