Red underlayed Node problem

It says undefined

are you using a “Kinect for XBox” or a “Kinect for Windows”?

How can I see that? Got it from a firend, its a standalone packing with the poweradapter and worked for me with the win7 and vvvv x64 a few weeks ago. now I have thees problems.

if on its front right the kinect has a label “Kinect 360” it is for the xbox and you’d need the kinect sdk installed for it to run.

okay i got the xbox one. downloadet the sdk and it works!
thanks for the help!

I am having almost the exact same problem.

my kinect node is not working. When I bring it in, the node just turns red. I had this working pretty steady in an older version of vvvv.

The device is working. I checked it in the SDK from MS, and the pathing is correct for the .dll file.

I am running this version of vvvv vvvv_45beta31.2_x64 on a windows 7 OS. I have read up the rest of the comments. So should I be using the 32bit version? or do I need to download drivers?