Red nodes when sharing dx11.particles and InstanceNoodles

hello to all. copied “dx11 particle weekend workshop” examples. worked very well. also the “attribute buffer”, “verlet node” and “splinebuffered” appear individually in gray. but if all 3 are in the patch they will be red (pins still there). I read in “debugging”, that has something to do with “enumerations”. my new laptop is not the problem [NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M +i7-6700K CPU 4.00GHz] I do not understand that. can connect but does not seem to work. can someone help me? Thank you

sounds like a beginner’s question. but I’m already 4 years! Just set up my new laptop and do not want this time, that some works only halfway. maybe someone can upload me a screenshot of his vvvv-installation.

the problem arose because I have imported my work and contributions from the old pc to the new one

problem solved. by me ;-) installed “InstanceNoodles” again. this time via “vpm”. as I had done before with the particles. think it´s the best way for installing complex vvvv-stuff.

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