Red nodes in the HelpPatch "How to modify entities from a Stride Project.vl" loading MyGame.dll from Stride to vvvv

[2021.4.11] (sorry can’t update atm, pls ignore if it doesn’t occur in newer versions)

“SphereModifier”-Node shows red errors within the HelpPatch “How to modify entities from a Stride Project.vl”. Seems to have a problem within the MyGame.dll?

I’ve just opened the help patch in 2021.4.11 and it works properly… Did you modify anything on the project? Did you install 2022.5 at some point? It will mess up the build system, unfortunately. See: Can't export project with Stride

No, it’s actually the first and so far only version of vvvv ever installed on this Laptop. Also I did not make changes in the project. It’s on Windows 11.

I unfortunately do not have admin rights on this machine, maybe that could also be a problem.
Ah, and I do not have Stride Studio installed here atm.

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