Red node when uploading image from VL as an image texture in 32bit


I am trying to use the VL OpenCV renderer in normal VVVV like in the demos. But I am getting a red node when connecting the upload image pin to upload as a texture in VVVV renderer.

This red node seems to only occur in the 32bit version and I am able to get it working in the 64 bit version. I just wanted ask if this is a bug in 32bit or intended? And if there is any way I can get it working in the 32 bit version since I require most functions from VVVV that only exists in the 32bit version.


I just checked with latest vvvv beta preview (41) and the DX11Demo patch contained in the VL.OpenCV package worked.


This is how my package folder looks like, make sure you don’t have old stuff lying around there:

And for reference vvvv beta preview was installed in default location (C:\vvvv\vvvv_beta_41-0007_preview_x86) with only DX11 pack installed (vvvv-packs-dx11-x86-1.3.1).

Thank you. I downloaded the beta preview(41) version and got it working now.
Previously I was using beta 39.1 version and strangely in that version the nugets folder in appdata/local path was empty.

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