Red colladafile

I updated to vvvv 25.1 yesterday night. Everything seems to work fine except that every time i try to use the collada file node it appears red. My TTY console throws the next error:

00:00:18 ERR : Exception in ColladaSlimDX: Could ot find file:C:\Users\efe\Desktop\vvvv_45beta25.1
at ColladaSlimDX.ColladaDocument.Document…ctor(String name)
at VVVV.Nodes.PluginColladaLoader.Evaluate(Int32 SpreadMax)

any ideas how can this be fixed?

more info: if i open another colladafile on the same patch the previous one becomes gray(available i assume) but the new node turns red.

think it’s until you select a file

Its seems to happen with directory (woei) as well, when you give it a null, don’t tell me that nulls are bad now, not when I’ve come to love them so!

directory goes red on null (3.7 kB)

fixed for beta>25.1