Red box ".Net 4.5 missing." in Win XP

Hello guys,

It seems a bug: when installing vvvv 45beta33.7 32bit on Windows XP, setup shows a red box with “.Net 4.5 missing” message while the dependency should be .Net 4 according to the instalation guide.


that does not sound right. will investigate.

Up ! I do have the same problem, and .Net 4.5 is’nt available for Windows XP. That makes my old computer unable to run VVVV in its last version.
Or can anyone indicate witch version of VVVV is the latest running with .Net4 ?

@guest: vvvv will still work fine with .net4 installed, even if box shows up red.
just tried myself with 33.7_x86

ja, XP does not have .net4.5.
so .net4 is enough on XP and setup should not show a red box there.

last version that works still with .net 4 in xp is beta31.2.
.net 4.5 was introduced with beta32

had this problem just a while ago.

I went back to beta31.2 which has the .net 4 in the setup.exe (crack.exe in that version eventually)

but I did not test if newer versions work now that I installed .net 4 instead.

will test it soon.

OK. It apparentlly works if I ignore the red box… but would be nice to see it green.

Thanks at all!

setup.exe finally shows correct .net info on XP. test in latest alpha.