Recreating Mesh in DX11

Hey Guys,

i am working on an old girlpower patch recreating the “joy division” effect. I was trying to convert the DX9 geometry to DX11 and could not find a solution for it, as DX11 is a new subject to me.

After looking through the Forum for some time i was not able to find a solution that was understandble for me.

Converting the lines on top of the meshes was no problem. Maybe someone can give me a hint on what is there to do, or tell me if its even possible to simply convert the geometry like i try.

In the attached file there is the “original” code and my attempts on DX11. Sorry for the mess.

Any help is highly appreciated!

360Bratsche_PlainMesh.v4p (1.6 MB)
360Bratsche_Visuals.v4p (92.9 kB)

You need to use the indexedgeometrybuffer node.

you can take a look at this thread:

also check:

let us know if you have any questions left.