Recreate flying feather in opening scene from forrest gump

Hi vvvver,

remember the beautiful opening scene in forrest gump movie. a feather flying up and down in the sky? I am setting on a route to recreate it. I have been away from this community for some time. I notice there are huge development since node8.

my plan is

  1. Get feather pic textured on bended quad.
  2. create aredynamic fluttering feather. maybe vector field?
  3. hook movement of feather to camera path.
  4. for the surrounding, to simply i will create paranoma image

anyone can give some advice on exiting plugin which can help me complete this project.

here is the link


try this westbam patch LeafTrail…

… no text …

LeafTrail.rar (41.6 kB)