Recording to dv camera

how can i record my patches to dv cam?
i use firewire ans s-video out but i can’t get it on the camera… going mad right
did someone do it?
i use sony hc85 if this helps
when i put video in node it shows the properties for the cam and the record button is
there too…
but how to record the renderer window? I used it with video out node but i figure out that this is not the same case as video in node

please help


for record your patch you must use the svideo from your graphic card
configure the renderer node with ctrl i , the inspektor appear ,configure it on the second screen (the svideo output) , but you must have a analog to dv converter
for record your animation , or your camera must have a svideo input
You can’t use the firewire output for record video maybe in the next version of vvvv

thnx sanche!
so s-video is in the game…
and i have s-video IN on my camera…
will try that when back home…

configure the renderer node with ctrl i , the inspektor appear ,configure it on the second screen (the svideo output)

what do you mean by that?
i havvvve to put renderer on the second monitor and fulllscreen?
i think i did this and nothing happend…

did you try this at home???
if yes what kind of a camera do you have???
i use sony hc85 if this helps to explain…

and again thnx for fast reply…

in a first time
just connect the svideo to your computer and to your camera
in a second time
You must configure the second screen of your graphic card for tv output (svideo)
and for finish
on your patch:
click on the renderer node , make crtl + i with your keyboard , configure the output to your second screen in the inspector windows , and make an alt enter with keyboard for the fullscreen .

and record with your camera
it’s work good for me…
but i use an analog to dv converter because i haven’t the svideo in in my camera

on my radeon 9000 mobile graphics card its not easy to get the s-video out working.
i have to connect the s-video out FIRST to a video recorder/mixer (the cam in your case) and set the recorder into a state of reading the s-video input (rec-pause). THEN i can enable the second screen in windows (rightclick into an empty area of the desktop-> properties). and maybe you have to enable the s-video out of you graphics card inside the properties of you graphics driver. good luck !

vvvv doesnt support recording renderer output over firewire - you´ll have to stick with svideo. (Or use Writer (Texture) to write a bunch of image files and assemble them in a video editing program)

You may be able to get video from the camera to use it within vvvv as a texture. thats why the camera showed up in the VideoIn node.

when you are using the video out - there used to be little helper apps like TVTool which were built by people who actually used their video output. TVtool seems to be focused on nvidia, but there should be similar things for ati cards around…

i made it work…
i just download the latest drives from omega and set video out to pal b witch is the only format that my cam is able to support. i think that the common drivers that come with the radeon cards set your output on ntsc?!?!?!
it’s a cool method to grab a video that is interactive with the sound, you grab the video and sound without any pressure on the cpu and in real time.
but i’m still thinking to create a patch that will analyse sound trough fft (first on my wishlist) and write the resoult in a *.txt. then it would be used to triger the animation with lower pressure on the cpu, it will read the txt data instead of playing a stream. and it would be a great in a combination with ampops renderer… highest resolution, more complex stuff and so on…
i saw writer and reader modules on someone Upages, it could be a good start to do it.

thnx for support!