Recording from cameras

Hi vvvvolks!

I need your thoughts: does anyone here have a bit of knowledge about recording camera streams?
I want to record a file an upload it. Pretty simple really. But I want to control the process, and I want the file size to be small before I upload it.

I have two ideas:

  • Webcam/industrial cam-> ffmpeg-> uploader
  • DSLR-> download file-> handbrake (cmd)-> uploader

In the past we’ve run into using a problems with industrial cameras (not enough time to stabilize the driver), and we’ve used DSLRs but sometimes the usb connection wasn’t stable while capturing, especially since we were streaming the feed. We’ve even use phone cameras pretty successfully by controlling an app from the patch. And while there are always things I could cobble together, I’d like something I’ll feel secure about. What are your experiences?
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Have you considered remote control of OBS?

In my experience using NVENC encoding it can make a pretty good small file the first time with low CPU usage.
I’ve found it reliable with its generic ‘Video In’ source for webcams and with a blackmagic intensity shuttle using the blackmagic plugin.


Thanks @tobyk, were you able to preview the camera at the same time?

What I like about this approach is:

  1. You let OBS handle the the source of inputs, and it really does ingest almost anything.
  2. Its impressively light

But I have 2 sticking points though, one technical and the other, kinda hmm.

First we’ll probably use Intel NUCs to run the thing, so Nvidia’s not available to do the NVENC.

Second the second one I’d like to hold off with and until later depending on if other people describe their experiences with video recording here. But @tobyk, did you find any short comings in the development or the deployment of that setup? and do you still reuse it?

Has anyone recorded video files with a webcam, DSLR or Industriekameras or by other means?

The most reliable approach is to use textureArray, dump to jpgs async, and then ffmpeg. So far I managed to get video recording going properly only in UWP

So many questions anto :-) but I’ll start with 2:

  1. Was ffmpeg a problem working in realtime?
  2. Did you export the app for the Windows app store or something? Was that so you could share the app without camera restriction hitting your clients? (UWP)?


  • I could preview the camera at the same time as recording it.
  • it may work fine with CPU encoding on a multi core CPU, depending on total workload. I would test it.

*I only used vvvv once with OBS. I was compositing vvvv and cameras for a live stream.

The remote control was very simple, just selecting OBS scenes.

I haven’t used it again but haven’t had a need.
I certainly would be happy to use it again.

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the ffmpeg is accessible thru shellexecute, so you can do an mp4 from image sequence and sound, the whole approach with tex array is more a concept then a tested pipeline…

There is two major ways to deploy UWP, Windows Store, and “sideloading”.
I haven’t try store, but sideloading is quite descent solution. It builds an .msix package and powershell script, you gonna need to have certificate installed (you can generate that locally and include in the build, but then there will be an “Accept” dialog) . Then yes, normally you need to allow camera and microphone… There is also “Native” kiosk mode, but it’s a bit hard to set up, without framework knowledge


@antokhio are your users using Webcams or something else?
I think part of the motivation for me opening up this conversation is that Usb cameras have had a rocky track record for us.

I can’t name specific cameras but on occasions the device manager has stopped seeing them and no matter how much the PC is restarted, only a full power down or disconnecting-reconnecting the camera would get it seen again.

So I’m looking at ways to avoid this key issue: getting a reliable stream recorded in a system that is going to be really hard to access once its in place.
Any horror stories or winning combos?


I use some logitech c920 or c930 i think, the app is photo booth where you can record video review.
So far i think it’s up for 5-6 month without troubles. There is also a CMS, where video gets uploaded so client can moderate…

There are issues with quality of sound (a lot of ambient sounds in crowded place)…
Also pc was overheating. so had to add vents…

But not much troubles with camera and recording really.
Had hard times set it up for two separate screens, in UWP that introduces some random issues…

Thanks to you both!

I did a test with OBS Studio with Spout from vvvv and it was really good. Very solid, good compression and OBS itself has lots of nice features to get out of the way while I record. 100 3min videos was completely reliable on a fairly puny machine (2022 Intel NUC i7).

Great shout

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