Recording / exporting smooth fuse content


what are your experiences with recording content from fuse?

The closest I got to smooth video was setting monitor to desired resolution and refresh rate (1080*60) and record with nvidia geforce experience thing.

Will we ever get close to WriterNRT for stride AND fuse? I think has to be payed attention especially since a lot is happening on gpu, and I am not sure you can just pause simulation with perfect sync with cpu.

Write nrt basicaly rendered motion blur by rendering subframes AND applied AA by camera jitter. It would be usefull to have good way to export video even for propagation of fuse/gamma.

long time ago I made blogpost about animation in vvvv that is quite popular, I might make new version with latest tools if everything will be present:


we have a best practice page about exporting video from vvvv gamma here:

I saw but video I record with geforce experience is still far from smooth even thou it seem smooth on monitor :/

I am not sure if nvidia is supposed to hook directly into gamma, because for me its hooking onto desktop, so I have to make render window fullscreen and record that

the page also describes how to export textures, like the NRT writer in beta did.

the subframe and jitter logic can be copied from the beta node, just a little patching that nobody did so far. but not a crazy complicated task.

I never managed to reliable make NRT work with GPU particles, so I was also not sure about fuse (even in blender its just better to bake everything simulated before rendering)

I will experiment more with the writer, so far it seems like the best option for just visuals

but still a bit more on how to get stable framerate from direct recording would be usefull - stuff that generates sound as well has it as only option, I have gsync, so it might be interacting somehow with the recording, but in theory it should not

For the screencap stuff you probably just have to experiment. On the rendering side we’ve been writing FUSE particles as image sequence in increment mode ok. The only thing to look out for is if your patch is running at a lower fps to start with, but in that case it’s kind of the preview that is at fault, not the rendering.

I had very good results using OBS paired with spout and StreamFX NVENC. (So you will need nvidia) This allows you to set really high data rates and outsource encoding to GPU. Thanks to spout you can record any resolution.

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