Recording 360 color IObox's

Good day,

For the LEDwall we have build in Rico’s, I am currently only using Patches. For more or less abstract stuff it is great, but now we want to do some more/better pre-defined animation.
Like the ‘Heineken’ Logo for example.

I was thinking off building a small animation tool so I can ‘draw’ some frames off my animation for the LEDwall like good old Paint can do. The wall is 60 x 6 squares.

Now I am looking for a great way to store those frames, I experimented with the AsString (Color Hex), but for a 10 second animation (10 frames/second) I already produce a 250kb text file. If I used RGB values, converted to ASCII, I could reduce the size by 50%, but still I wonder if there is some better way.

Was thinking about making every frame a 60x6 picture (what codec?), make that an animation (how) and use the Pipet node to bring it back up again.

Any suggestions would be great!! I attached my first try, and thnx for the help :D

LEDwall (recorder player).v4p (18.3 kB)

Hi Rene!

I don’t think that the filesize is an issue but i agree with you that the files are too large for that little information they carry.

Sure there will be a better way. I’ll have a look at that this evening.

With that Pipet (EX9.Texture) you might get performance issues.

How are you? How are things going with Rico’s?
I have a new mobile phonenumber.

my best regards
(also to Martijn!)

I think using textures is the righ approach. To read them back in and get every pixel value check out the AsString (Texture) Node.
I dont know how the pixel values are stored exactly in every format, but I assume that this can be solved somehow, if you know the pixel dimensions of the original texture .
check the small example


exmpl.v4p (1.8 kB)