Record some painting action

Unable to do the following:
I d like to record a window of Photoshop or Gimp while I am painting, that s fairly easy. The problem is that I need also a guiding image, that could be a layer on Gimp/PS or just an image under the painting window (in Linux I can make the window a bit transparent…), now the problem is that I don t want the guide-image to be recorded… any idea?

you can do also in windows and of course even from within vvvv!

you only need
*WindowLists (Windows)
*HWND (Windows)
*Window (Windows)

see patch

io.v4p (4.1 kB)

I would still miss how to send a certain window to the recorder without the overlay to be seen… dunno if fraps can help, gotta check it out

…mmm maybe just print the image on translucent paper? and stick it in front of the screen?
Or, what about projecting the image on the lcd surface? (wild!)


Fraps is DX9 based so it doesn’t work with Photoshop.

ok, try this.
works here with most windows

io.v4p (8.4 kB)

That should f****** work!! Next time I go back home I promise I ll pass by and pay you a couple of beers.