Record live performance


somebody know a node trhout it is possibile record their own live persormance, or is neccesay used a external software?


external software (fraps) works better then the in-vvvv-nodes like writer

thanks for fraps

be aware that fraps will record the biggest window.

@karistouf - you’re sure? i thought the last opened renderer is fraps’ choice

yes… no text …

sorry for spamming the wrong thread, but as far i just testing it with version3.2.2 the last selected dx9-window is the one you see the yellow framecounter.

yes, you see a yellow counter on ANY dx window opened. but when you record it is the one that has the biggest number of pixel surface ( i had the devvvs of fraps on the mail 1 year ago about that one)
i m using actually 3.3.0 and its still the same.
just record and see who is recorded ;-)


Fraps is one of the best solution but the problem is, it create huge video file so it’s hard to record a long live performance. Personnaly I can hardly record more than 3 minutes with fraps without having a video file around 3Go…