Record depth stream 16bit, playback multiple streams in pointcloud

Hi all,

I have multiple depth recordings and want to play them back in one pointcloud. I want to extract the depth stream from the *.xef kinect studio recordings into easy manageable AVIs.

The minimum to get the pointcloud emitter working is the world texture. I understand this is the raw, uncalibrated depth information? Texture Info says this is R32G32B32A32.

Regardless of color depth, I render the frame R8G8B8A8_Unorm and save the frames 512x424@30fps as bmp. Create an uncompressed AVI from the files and play this file back into the kinect emitter. This should give me the picture with rougher depth resolution, please correct me if I’m wrong.

I rendered the frames using AE into uncompressed AVI (8bit per channel). This can only be played back with (filestreamDX9), and my pointcloud emitter looks like this:

Ok I figured it out :)
The culprit was Writer (Dx11 Texture 2D NRT Advanced). Even if I set it to “32bit internally” and set the output temptarget renderer to R32G32B32A32 the *.dds files will produce an incorrect cloud - Although Info(Texture 2D says the’re both R32G32B32A32 )

When using the blank Writer (DX11 Texture 2D) the *.dds files procude the same cloud as the kinect world stream.

The problem lies not within the temptarget renderer. For testing purposes I fed the world stream through a temptarget before writing with the standard writer, and it works too.

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