Recompile dynamic plugins

in times of git it happens often that if someone changes the *.cs of a dynamic plugin vvvv still runs with old code after checkout - which is a nest side of bugs. atm you have to delete the dll manually or recompile the code by re-save the plugin.

it would be really nice if there would be a startup option that forces vvvv to recompile all dynamic plugins.


what about ignoring bin/dynamic/*.dll via gitignore? though, this would be a good startup option

what when you need external dependencies? then you have to make sure not deleting them by mistake every time.
but anyhow vvvv should be able to run in a consistent state between cs files and its dynamic dlls.

rewrote underlying code of dynamic plugins a little. upcoming alpha should deal with changed cs files properly now - plugin should get recompiled. projects will also not get parsed anylonger on vvvv startup. instead parsing is done lazily, therefor opening code editor for the first time will take a little longer now.

a dream. thanks elias.