Recommendations on a new PC?

I have an upcoming show that will require six projectors and two HD live camera feeds. I was initially planning to use three rendering computers, but I’ve since realised that I won’t have the flexibility I need in routing live camera feeds to the projectors. I understand that a better solution will be to use a single PC with a pair of dual head graphics cards, routed through external splitters such as the Datapath X4 or Matrox triplehead2go. Feeding into this PC would be two HD capture cards, possibly the Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle.

My question is, what sort of spec machine should I get in terms of graphics cards, chipset, memory, disc, etc? Is solid state for the system drive worth the investment? I’m thinking of building this in a Shuttle SX58H7 case.

Many thanks for any advice you could throw my way.


some reading
system recommendations

Excellent, thanks ggml :)

some Eyefinity-cards are worth a look:

you can still use tripleheads on those 6 heads :D

newest Shuttle out there:

The Eyefinity card is just the ticket, thanks kalle!

I’m tempted to go the Mini-ITX route with a Lian Li portable case

Just need to find an ITX motherboard with SATA-6 & DDR3-1600 support…

…or I go the Shuttle route. Thanks DiMiX, that’s probably going to make for a simpler build.