Recommenations for external sound card with 4 outputs

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anybody can recommend an external (USB or Firewire) sound card with 4 (mono) outputs that works well with vvvv and maybe isn’t too expensive?

hey freaq,

i always had good results with tascam hardware. ofcourse there are even better interfaces, but tascam usually is quite close to the sweet spot in means of bang/buck… ;)

so i’d try something like this

edit: i misread the specs of the tascam card. maybe this would be better suited although you probably don’t need the phono preamps… (i have an audio dj8 for spinning with traktor pro and found the interface to be quite versatile for other audio tasks. also it really takes a beating :D)

I got an ESI 46 se (USB) and an EDIROL FA66 (FireWire), both works ok with vvvv .

i recomend they are great to me .

I have a focusrite saffire le and works without problems

ups, just saw that it seems to be discontinued !!

now they offer a 2in 4 out usb card

wow, thanks a lot!

I think I’ll go with the Edirol FA66, its relatively small and I’ve used the FA101 version once already.

Thing is, I need to address all 4 line outs separately - is that possible from v4? I got 4 films running and need to output the 4 sound tracks to 4 separate mono headphones.

Just in case anyone stumbles upon this thread in the future in search of an audio card:

The Edirol FA-66 doesn’t work under Win XP installed via Bootcamp on Apple computers. According to several audio forum posts this seems to be a widely spread problem.

The Edirol FA-101 on the other hand works perfectly fine as output device on my MacMini (2010 aluminum model) and Win XP SP3 and is available in vvvv.

Hello dear community.
I would like to reenact this thread and ask whether somebody has some more ‘up to date’ recommandations.
I would like to play 4 audio-filestreams in vvvv connected with an audio out. Preferrably the device shoud have 4 Jack (Mono) Outputs.

I was looking at this device:
or this:

and also:
Anyone has experiences with firewire interfaces and vvvv?

thanks a lot

i wouldn’t go with FW interfaces. once they work they are good, but you can’t plug them in while the computer is on and such things. usb interfaces are much more easy to use. and of course you need to make sure that the driver has WDM support for all channels unless you are using bass asio.

thanks tonfilm.
Just for the record: I got myself the ESI U46XL and it works fine.