Reciving more than 1 udp stream

Hi. Can i recive more than 1 udp stream? I trying to create videopreview over network, i use v4 udp node and sent 2 streams, but currently can recive only 1, but i see 2 queue in reciver node. I trying getslice- no result. Any suggestions?

perhaps trying to send and listen on 2 different UDP ports ( 4059 && 4060 )?

is port pin spreadable?

udp client(that’s send)is spreadable and i can send 2 streams to 4444 and to 4443. But udp server (that’s recive) node not spreadable, i try use 2 servers(recivers_- it’s, as i see works, but in frank’s pathces i read- only 1 node per patch. What’s wrong? Also, have i 65535b limit for 1 port, or for all?

P.S. Page, where i get examples-

Hi alg,
actually you can spread UDP.client ports and use two UDP.server nodes to recieve (V4 version 17). May be its worth of reworking that modules for bigger sizes. I didnt need that.
One Udp node at all, was a discovery I made during patching (with open help patch). So it seems, it was at former versions of V4. Anyway configuration above is working.

(I hope Joreg is not reading this topic as 64kb limit is an old statement by me and shown to be not really senseful)

Big thx, frank.
As i understad, i can stream any size of data by more than 1 udp port? I just need 3 video previews on my control pc. I testing it’s with 2 streams and having strange video errors- sometimes i see frames from 1 video on screen, thats showing second video stream. I think, it’s bcs i use antiblink algoritm from u udp patches. How can i avoid it?

Sorry for bad eng.

Yes indeed ;D
Once I tried to have that viceosize increased by having two streams and merge them at listener PC. But it wasnt that easy.
If you are a little patient, I will work on a solution (just started yesterday) for bigger (splitted) videos. Going to need it soon - fugstream has shown to be maximum at 640x480px.

This antiblink is nothing more than storing values as long as new are entering. If you post a sample patch I will have a look.

I fix problem by replacing stallone node by cons.
It’s very intresting for me, waiting for results ).