Recieving SMS on your PC and show it in vvvv

Well, I am still looking for free ways that will let me recieve an SMS from my phone, and convert it ot a text file, so I can make everthing I am doing with vvvv very interactive.

I know some Phones can communicate with my PC through te COM-port… but than what??

Any one here tried or thought about it??

Hope this one will not stay a dream :)

there have at least been attempts

if you have a cable connecting your phone to a serial port i dont see any problems controlling the phone with vvvv. what phone do you want to use? do you have documentation for the phone available?

Already saw what kiilo did, just not much info posted, hmzz… should just ask him about it hehe…

And to be honest, I wont mind switching phones to do this.

I already found a German thing called "the frontline SMS manager
but my German isn’t that good. It should make a text file off the SMS, even has a ‘bad word filter’. I could be able to read that Textfile in VVVV and transform it on my LED wall.

Now I am waiting to get a Nokia Phone to try it, will keep you updated!!

there’s a tool called gnoki for linux and nokia phones. maybe it also exists a windows library. or you connect the mobile to a linux box and transfer the messages to windows…

I am already doing this with my Sony Phone, there is this tool, called FMA (Floats Mobile Agent), it has a build in script that saves all the incomming SMS’s to a .txt file. I patched something that just reloads that textfile on a regular interval, and see iff there is a new message. Patched something cool to show it… easy…

If you are interested, check my post on the FMA forum HERE