Receiving FFT data

I’m writing a plugin which receiving FFT data from FFT(DShow9) node.
I set Spread Count of FFT node 16 so as to get FFT data as array of 16 elements.
But I receive each data 16 times. It causes very low performance.
I wrote the definition of input pin as following:

[Input("Param 1")](Input("Param 1"))
public ISpread<ISpread<float>> FParam1;

Please let me know what is wrong.

Sorry of my bad English.

hello zzr33r,

with ISpread<ISpread> you declare a spread of a spread,
while you probably just want to have a spread:
ISpread FParam1

it’s pretty much set up for you if you clone Template(Value).

have you seen this:
dynamic plugins reference#defining pins