Receive image from flash node in v4


I want to show an image in v4 which was created in a flash plugin. i can’t save the image direct from the flash clip.

any ideas, send over tcpip or should I use the chrome renderer.


Hello mindthegap,

you can render your flash clip as a texture (yes, using the chrome-based HTMLTexture node) and apply it to a Quad.
Please check this patch in your vvvv\girlpower directory:

IO\Web\07_Transparent Flash

Hope this helps.


ok, the renderer is not the problem, but how can I send an image from inside this node to v4?

the output of the HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture URL) is a texture already. just use this wherever you want. have a look at the patch robotanton recommended.

If you want to sample Screenshots from the SWF File for later use, you could try to use writer(ex9 texture) to save a snapshot of you SWF to the harddrive. Not sure if this is easier than saving it/sending it from flash.

((writer (ex9.texture)))

ive had some troubles with the writer node, don’t know how reliable it is.

ok, the image i want to forward to v4 is not the same as the texture of the flash/html renderer.

is the image displayed in the area of the flash file? if so, you could send the position and size to vvvv to crop out the right part. or you send over a byte representation of the image and use DynamicTexture (Raw) to decode it.

ok, I give DynamicTexture a chance. sounds fine

actually I can’t open a html file from local harddrive with the Http node. For the Url Input I use "file:///F:/ … ", but I have a socket error 11004. Why.

when i read the html file with the Reader node I see the page.