Receive commands over network from external program

as i started learn vvvv three days ago to solve certain problem and still haven’t found if it can be realised within vvvv i decided to ask for your help.
i need my application on vvvv be able to playback certain videos on receiving certain commands through udp (or tcp) port from external program (another platform). is it possible to make such an archhitecture within vvvv?
commands supposed to be simple char strings

thanks in advance

use this udp-(network-server)

thank you!
can you give a hint about using this node? (how should i set the correct ip address i want to use, as there are no pins for it, except “local port”)

select the node and press f1

welcome to vvvv.

your application for sure is possible.

the more precise you ask, the more precise the help will be.
do you know the control-strings of the “other” application already?
is it a common application with a known protocol?

udp is a broadcast protocol.
that’s why there is no need to specify ip-addresses.