Realsense Pointcloud with Fuse Particles

Hi guys,
I’d like to create particle system using the xyz coordination from Realsense’ Pointcloud. The aim is to visualize only some filtered pointcloud (esentially people’s presence)
with particles. I tried to start from the help patch “Use External Buffer Data” and feed PointCloud vector3 into position of ProbabilityEmitter but I’m not sure its the right way because they don’t move in realtime. Any suggestions ?

Pointcloud_03-test with particle.vl (213.8 KB)

Hi jib

I’m not a FUSE-PRO but I think a crazy jumping BufferCount makes the GraficCard dizzy
I resampled your points to 2000, lower the Lifetime of the Emitter and lower the Multiply Scalar → than I could see something
hope I could help
LG CeeYaa

Pointcloud_03-test with particle_edit.vl (215.0 KB)


hi @CeeYaa it seems to work, thank you !