Realising an idea

hi everyone! id like some help with an idea im trying to come up with…

i am REALLY new to vvvv and this type of workflow some coming up with stuff is slow and painful :)

anyway, im trying to get a firefly-swarm effect in a 3d environment… that rotates in a circle, with some random/natural movement… and could really use some pointers. i have attached what i was wokring which is really just something adapted from another patch i found.

is this a good place to start? i would really like the fireflies to look pretty smooth and nicely textured, i tried using the spot shader, but couldnt really get it too function properly for numerous instances.

i intend for this to react some hand gestures, so i was thinking the ring diameter could change, and maybe the movement of the particles could also react…

any help would be great appreciated…

heres a quick sketch of what id like to get… how do i get my rotation to be 3d like that without using a camera?? the camera is annoying because it always resets…

thanks again

swarm.jpg (10.3 kB)

sorry here is my crappy little patch :)

swarm.v4p (15.5 kB)

you’re almost there, aren’t you? let me just point some things out so maybe it gets more clear …

dance.v4p (21.1 kB)

wau!! thats brilliant! exactly what i was looking for. nicely done! thanks alot!

thanks again, i had some time to check it out… i guess its pretty simple when u know how :)

a quick comment before i go for some EAster drinks… how come your textures look so perfect? i tried the same ‘halo’ texture on my patch and everything was out of scale, and not overlapping well!

i guess i should go back a reread the manual! its been a few months

Happy Easter anyway…


i guess the Blend (EX9.Renderstate) does that …
or maybe you put the texture on Spheres instead of Quads, which would also distort them.

and a happy easter to you, too :)

yes of course!! that makes sense…duh! sorry :)

thanks for the help!!

ok… i seem to be getting somewhere, through alot of trial and error! i think i need to make these lil feckers a bit more random!! but that is quite hard :|

one thing :: im having trouble in finding out where and how to append a pixel shader on my patch.

say for example i wanted to put a radial blur on to these little firfly thingies…

i cant figure out where to put the shader. im not using mesh, and im not sure how a transform should be applied! :\

del.rar (11.6 kB)

you can put the output of your Renderer through a DX9Texture node and into the shader. the shader will need a mesh to work on; most likely you want to supply a 2x2 Grid (EX9.Geometry) and transform it with UniformScale to twice the size. you’ll need a second Renderer to see the output of the shader.

cheers again diki!! u da man/woman